About Us
Remote Fitness Inc., is a company privately owned by Michael B. Batres and Melissa Martensen since 2007.  
www.remotefitness.net, is the full service business website of the company providing personal and corporate fitness services
as one stop fitness solution provider committed to serve its clients in a unique way.  The company is engaged in providing
tailor made solutions fit to its individual and corporate clients specific needs to get them the best suitable health deal to their
home or organization.  The winning combination of Certified Professionals provides  valuable instruction in: weight loss,
strength training, and total body conditioning.

Remote Fitness is a partnership company with limited liability of its partners where Mr. Michael Batres, the President/CEO
of the company, is an experienced professional having more that 15 years of experience of his credit working n the health
care and fitness services arena as a fitness trainer and now as an entrepreneur recognized at almost all the levels.  He has
also been recognized for providing excellent customer service.  Ms. Melissa Martensen, has a degree in nutrition sciences
and also had an experience of 8 years to her credit.

The unique features offered by the company to its clients at a pricing structure that is quite reasonable as compared to the
other competitors in the industry.

                              Michael B. Batres|President                                    Melissa Martensen|Vice-President
Hotel gym for personal training
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